The Porsche With a 1,200 Horsepower, Mid-Mounted Mercedes-Benz Engine?

You say you know your Porsche history? Vintage European vehicle spotter supreme Kim of Copenhagen has a tough one for you! Name the Porsche that came with a 1,200-horse Mercedes-Benz engine right from the factory?


OK, we're cheating here; the vehicle in question is a Mystery Tank, not a car. The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus aka Porsche Type 205 was a super-heavy tank design that resulted from a brainstorming session between Ferdinand Porsche and his boss, One-Ball Adolf. 1,200 horsepower sounds like a lot, but this monster- which never saw combat in WW2- scaled in at 211 US tons, or the weight of approximately 132 Porsche 997s. Not quite as cool as a Lamborghini tractor, but a good Porsche trivia question nonetheless.
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