UPDATE: Porsche says the Macan will not be built in China, so that was easy to figure out.

After an announcement from Volkswagen's Chinese partner, Chinese media are suggesting that Porsche Macans may be made in China.


The news comes from China Car Times, which reports that Mr. Zhai Ming Di, the sales director of Shanghai-VW (one of the two joint venture companies that build and sell Volkswagens in China, go right here for a short explainer) announced that regular VW and Shanghai-VW are in talks to bring two new locally-built luxury vehicles to China. China Car Times reports that the Porsche Macan and the VW Touareg are rumored to be the two luxury vehicles in question.

The big reason why Porsche would make the Macan in China is, of course, money. An imported Macan would probably cost about 600,000 yuan or about $98,000, China Car Times explains, while one built domestically could drop down to around 400,000 yuan or $65,000.


It is unclear if these Chinese Porsches will be for the Chinese market only.

Photo Credit: Brian Williams/Jalopnik

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