The Pornigator: Tawny Roberts' 2003 Lincoln SUV on eBay

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You know, we've tried all the tricks. Shy boy. Devoted boy. Tiffany/Burberry/Betsey Johnson/Chez Panisse-treatin' boy. Punk rock boy. Garroulous, hard-drinkin' pseudo-intellectual boy. Art boy. And now Blog boy. But we've never found a sure-fire way to keep a woman around. But, if you want a crappy SUV and a dinner with a mid-to-top-rank glamour-porn star, you could bid on this Navigator owned by former Vivid girl Tawny Roberts. So far, there's only been one bid, and it's over in less than a half-hour. So get crackin'. [Warning, lower pics are probably NSFW.]

2003 Lincoln Navigator

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