The Phoenix: "No" Flight Or "Go" Flight?

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Looks like DaimlerChrysler's new mystery "Phoenix" engine, the higher-power and more-efficient version of the now-old 3.8 liter, may have found a roosting spot — Trenton, MI. The Detroit News is reporting UAW Local 372 agreed on Sunday to a set of new work rules designed to allow the workers of the Trenton Engine plant to keep their jobs. These new work rules are supposed to help the workers become a "flexible, nontraditional labor force." And by "flexible" the rules will require them to be able to bend over a full 90 degrees — and "nontraditional" meaning anyone can take them from behind, as long as DaimlerChrysler keeps jobs at the Trenton Engine plant. Actually it means they have to work four 10-hour days without overtime and with only two job classifications. Oh wait, we were wrong —the two classifications? Pitcher and Catcher.

Chrysler weighs modern factory [Detroit News]

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