It happens to all of us. You're driving down a road and you see a dead opossum on the side. It's innards aren't spilling all over the place and it smells ok. But those fat cats in the government say you can't eat it. Well, Michigan, that could be changing for you.

That's right folks, a bill has passed the Michigan senate and is now heading to the house that allows for a phone call to the local constable to let him know you'll be taking back that delicious turkey that was killed by a Silverado and be going on your merry way.

People should be able to stop and pick up a squirrel or a rabbit and take it home. If it would be a muskrat or a mink ... , they should be able to skin it or, if they know somebody, let them salvage $7 off it, or $20.

That's bill sponsor and State Senator Darwin Booher's stance on the issue. All you need to do is call and say you're taking it. Done. That wasn't hard at all.


Michigan would be following in Texas's footstepson this one. If you needed another reason to move to Michigan, well, I think you just got one. Now enjoy your chipmunk squirrel casserole.

And no, this isn't an April Fools'. It's real.

via Autoblog