The Pennsylvania DMV Approved This Douchey Vanity Plate

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We're not sure from which part of the Keystone State this particular vanity plate hails, but it's worth noting that a large part of Pennsylvania is near the Jersey Shore.


Like the cast of Jersey Shore, printing DTF24-7 on your license plate is oh so classy. Luckily, a Jalopnik reader snapped a photo of this douchetastic vanity plate for us just this weekend. Now we can all point and laugh.

It's not a huge shock that the Pennsylvania DMV didn't catch it. Even if the license plate application reviewer was up on Jersey Shore lingo and internet slang, we imagine such a job to be something like an unwanted sedative. Letter-number sequences like this must surely run together into a meaningless jumble 30 minutes after clocking in each day.


Still, we've seen worse, and think we may have even found a mate for DTF24-7 down in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

(Hat tip to Andrew!)

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Maybe I'm getting old. I had to look up DTF. I guessed right on the F!