The Part No One Talks About In An NYC Parking Horror Story

"Ouch" was the first thought I had upon hearing Matt's car got towed in New York City hours just after getting there. There's nothing worse than having to get a car out of impound. Unless it's a car that isn't yours. Unless it's a car that isn't yours and it involves the NYPD. Yeah, that hurts.


Big cities, and New York is certainly one of them, have some of the most frustrating bureaucracies for what should be simple matters like getting a towed car back. You always wonder how bad it's going to be and how many hoops you'll have to jump through. All things considered, Matt's story could've been worse.

Hell, it could've really soured his impression of New York, if what HammerheadFistpunch suggests happened:


And that's when the CHUDs came after me


Yes, much, much worse.

Photo: Flickr/Seth W.

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