The Panoz Esperante Is Still Around To Get A New Special Edition

This is it: the Panoz Esperante 25th Anniversary Edition. I know, I didn't know it still existed, either. And maybe you've forgotten what it is.

Panoz is a little American company that's made some road cars since the late '90s. This is the Esperante, introduced in 2000 and I'd assumed they hadn't made one in a while. Well, here's a new one. Sort of.


The car was unveiled last week in front of "hundreds of Panoz fans, followers and owners," according to the company. They probably wondered too, why it's a 25th anniversary edition. Actually, that's in reference to how old Panoz, the Georgia-based company is.

Panoz says it will make 25 of these special edition cars for select customers. And those customers will be able to specify an engine with between 430 and 800 (!) horsepower and "modern options such as media player connectivity and a race-inspired carbon fiber steering wheel."

The price to celebrate Panoz's history is steep: $181,320. Panoz says this Esperante meets the company's "goal of offering its customers true exclusivity, uncompromising performance and outstanding value."


Exclusivity, yes. Value?

Photos: Panoz

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