The Other Wheeled Sport in the Carolinas: Soapbox Racing

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Sitting here on 2nd Street in Long Beach, we just saw a guy at a stoplight in a shiny, newish BMW 3-Series convertible cranking the Descendents' "Suburban Home," which struck as as oddly perfect and highly incongruous. So we decided to post on something completely DIY: Outlaw soapbox racing. The Fall Classic Soap Box Invitational, in Durham, NC took place October 22nd and featured everything from a downhill Barcalounger to something that looked like a cross between an Incom T-65 and a Dalek. And if that last simile made perfect sense to you, you really need to get outdoors more. We're bloggers. What's your excuse? [Thanks to Kevin for the tip.]


The Fall Classic Soapbox Invitational

With Apologies to the Daily Show [Internal]

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