The original Hakosuka Skyline GT-R is among the most beautiful, charming automobiles ever made, one of Japanā€™s first world-class performance cars. Iā€™ve always liked them as objects, but I never really knew if they were good to drive. I didnā€™t need to worry, apparently.

Itā€™s easy to dream of ā€˜60s performance cars for their lovely styling, but ā€˜60s driving dynamics arenā€™t always that great. Thatā€™s why Iā€™m particularly pleased that Jason Cammisa went out and caned an original GT-R and found it to be as good as Iā€™d always hesitantly hoped itā€™d be.

Particularly wonderful is the GT-Rā€™s 2.0 liter straight six, with Ferrari-grade triple Weber carbs right from the factory, absolutely screams, apparently not making any power below five grand. Few road cars even revā€™d that high at all back then.

Great. Now I desperately want one of these again.