The Original Mini Was A Rock Star Car For Ordinary People

It always amazes me how the original Mini became such a smash success. After all, it began life as a humble economy car, something designed to sip gas and fit anywhere in a crowded city.


But as this new video from our friends at Petrolicious points out, the Mini became so much more than that. Its style and fun character meant it became one of those rare cars that transcended class; it was a car that was enjoyed by rock stars and ordinary people, and could make ordinary people feel like they were rock stars.

The car highlighted in this video belongs to a young gearhead named Sumner Norman. His right-hand drive 1971 Morris Mini only has 28,000 original miles, and while it only has 76 horsepower, it's probably more fun to drive than most new cars on the road today.

In true Petrolicious fashion, this video is beautifully shot, and it gives us a nice taste of everything about classic Mini ownership, from shifting with your left hand in America to coping when the car "goes British" every now and again.

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