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25,000 euros in engine mods and you don't even get the blower? This, friends, is what we call taking advantage of the rich and stupid. It's essentally a port and polish job with a lumpier cam and sturdier valvetrain. Then, you can feel free to spend the extra ducats on a supercharger to get the adverised 598 horsepower. The Hannibal also comes with a lift kit that raises the truck around 8" and a bunch of stainless steel claptrap. Frankly, you could do all of the important crap, if you supplied a little of your own elbow grease, for around 10k. Then again, we think most Hummer owners don't yank motors in their spare time. In any regard, this plan may have come together, but we'd rather have a gray, black and red van, thank you.

Geiger Cars Tunes Texas Sheriff's Hummer [Internal]