Screenshot: @rarecars (Twitter)
Screenshot: @rarecars (Twitter)

The account is very simple. It is called “Rare Cars” (@rarecars), and it tweets out Craigslist listings for rare cars. Or at least that’s what people want you to think.


The thing is, the account just tweets out anything a Craigslist user lists as rare, even if it is, in fact, an extremely not-rare white 2017 BMW M3. But when the account finds something good, it’s extremely good, like a quite-rare yellow Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

So stop trying to get your favorite car YouTuber’s attention in an endless sea of replies, and go follow the One Good Account, where you can scream with your fingers into the blue abyss how not-rare most cars that come up are, and marvel at the true gems.

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