This car is parked on the street in Honolulu. It can apparently be found at this location on a regular basis. So, to review: Guy lives in Hawaii and drives his 246 GT often. We want his life.

I drove a 246 Dino once. It is both more and less impressive than you expect. The V-6 sounds wonderful. The view over the front fenders is spectacular. From the curb, the car looks amazing. And the cockpit only fits you if you are a short person with strangely shaped arms and double-jointed hips. (That's the funny thing about cliches — they exist for a reason.) At the same time, the Dino isn't that fast, it's surprisingly truckish for a car its size, and much of the switchgear seems to be crafted of old Italian kitchenware.

ANYway, I loved it. I have also been to Hawaii. Everyone needs a cammy Italian bent six, a pair of door latches that go *click*, and the warm waters of the Pacific. Attention, Mr. Hawaii Dino Person: You have a nice life. Feel free to call if you ever get tired of it.


[Google Street View]