The Number 18 Porsche LMP1 Was Just Too Gassy

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The number 18 Porsche received a bizarre sounding penalty earlier on in the 6 Hours of Nürburgring, and psssh yeah, I’m writing it up because this title is GOLD! Anyway, they received a sixty second stop and go for “breach of limitation of gasoline instantaneous flow.” What does it mean?


The World Endurance Championship has a complicated table for “equivalence of technology” that aims to put all these different approaches to building an LMP1 on roughly the same level. Fuel flow is part of what’s regulated by the series. When Porsche had a heavier fuel flow today than they are allowed to have, it’s perceived as an advantage, hence the penalty.

Mark Webber (and team), here’s your chance for the #17 Porsche, I guess. Brendon Hartley is currently leading in that #17 car.



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so the car can never floor it or something?