The Noble M12 Is The Hardcore Lotus Lotus Never Built

You almost forgot about the Noble M12, didn't you? Luckily, the British haven't.

The M12 is track car with a license plate powered by a twin-turbo Ford V6. It's a much more basic approach to going very fast than the M600 supercar.


The thing about low-volume British makes is that you always have to keep improving the product after purchasing the base one at a rather bargain price. Yes, Noble M12's were ridiculously fast and grippy straight out of the factory, but some of the parts didn't take kindly to hardcore track days.

Luckily, there's a healthy and growing community of Noble enthusiasts in the UK, so head over to Speedhunters and check out what they've accomplished using the M12's brilliant tubular platform in the last decade or so.

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