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Although editors at some of our sites enjoy putting new and cool hotness down their pants (Chen, I'm looking right at you, buddy!), we've learned the hard way that cars are a rather cumbersome pants-bound commodity. Instead, we like to show you our press passes when we get them, because you know, we're obsessed with how they look. And to be honest, New York's press pass for the show in just two weeks screams..."blah." Thus, the blahness of this post. We're going to go and sip some weak tea and maybe watch "Beaches" or something to get us in the mood for wearing this bluish blah-tag. We mean, couldn't they have come up with something that screams "I Am Man!" like Detroit? Guess not. But hey, luckily the show will be more exciting than the name badges, and you'll have a front-row seat at our mini-site and tag all of the week after next.

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