Cars modified by Mansory in the past had a tendency to look like the offspring of automotive design and cocaine just vomited all over good taste. So it's refreshing, if you can say that, to see that the new Rolls-Royce Wraith isn't entirely atrocious in Mansory hands.

They've added a few new parts to the exterior, like wheels, paint, that weird bumper that makes it looks like the car is wearing braces to fill in its gap toothed face, and a few spoilers here and there. But overall it doesn't make you want to cry just by glimpsing it in a crappy Youtube video of a mirror, surprisingly.

The interior, as well, isn't awful, though the steering wheel does look like it's partially melted and the piano lacquer really just looks like some plastic was stuck on top. Oh, and I will never understand the utility of having a quilted-leather lined footwell, but something tells me the person who buys the Quaalude-induced fever dream that is any Mansory isn't exactly stomping around with muddy boots.

For what it's worth, Mansory claims to have out-done Rolls-Royce in the leather department with their shiny blue seat inserts, though I'm not sure it's possible outdo a company that only sources its leather from bulls that reside in countries that ban barbed wire. Wouldn't want any invisible stretch marks or scarring getting anywhere close to your precious bottom, you see.

As for the engine, Mansory's boosted the power to 730 horses, up from the standard 632 horse V12, because why not. They do seem to have added a bunch of gel keyboard rests to the engine cover as well, as that just always looks good.

In fact, they probably should have just added gel keyboard rests to everything.

Classy, as always, Mansory.

No word yet on their car that was designed by a soccer coach.

Photo credit: Mansory