The New Porsche 911 Is A Beaver Magnet

One of the perks of this job is having a new car delivered to my house nearly every week. This time it's the gorgeous new 2012 Porsche 911 in Carrera S trim in a stunning Guards Red. Something very strange happened when the delivery driver handed me the keys.

The thump-thump of the horizontally-opposed six-cylinder Porsche engine summoned a beaver from the nearby woods. He skirted up to the gleaming car and just stared at it like a slack-jawed teenager might. I went for my camera and by the time I caught up with the little guy he'd already crawled underneath the 911.


Eventually, I was able to get him to move (after a snapping a photo) to a safer place. As nature's engineer perhaps he was just admiring something so sturdily built. Or maybe this model came equipped with Porsches new lightweight balsa wood brakes.

UPDATE: Some people think this is actually a woodchuck, which is still strange but ruins the joke.

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