Honda has unveiled the NSX Concept-GT, a racing machine they're going to enter into the GT500 class of the 2014 SUPER GT Series in Japan. It still looks badass and makes us want the 2015 Acura NSX that much more.

While most GT500 cars are front-engined, this baby has the 2.0-litre inline 4-cylinder turbo engine in the middle, and a hybrid system that adds 50 hp to the 550 horses produced by those controlled explosions. Being a silhouette racer, the list of common parts with the upcoming roadgoing NSX probably ends with the lamps.

It's a proud moment for Honda, and something that keeps us excited about the not-at-all-vaporware NSX (In case you weren't aware, the NSX is a Honda in Japan and an Acura here).

Also, dear Robert Downey Jr., this looks faster than your Audi, because racecar.