The New New Chrysler: Update #3

Lots of big news in the early evening part of the presentation from the New New Chrysler marathon news session. Click "more" to learn about the new page the Ram brand may be turning and the scoop behind the logo.

  • That's right, they're considering bringing back a unibody truck/car/camino for the Ram brand. Rampage anyone?
  • With Fiat comes Abarth, which is some of the best news all day. A Fiat Abarth SS would be sweet.
  • Chrysler is considering dropping Audrey Hepburn digitally into an ad for the Chrysler 300C.
  • Best quote in the latest update: Chrysler Town and Country is moving through Canada like "chicken pox through a Kindergarten class."
  • The new Chrysler logo? It's the new Chrysler brand logo.

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