The New Mssrs. Evo: Mitsubishi IX MR Sedan and Wagon Go on Sale in Japan

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J-spec kids, put your x-ray specs back on, Mitsubishi's IX MR models are coming to Japan; but we've already seen at least one of them in our neck of the post-Pluto solar system. The MR stands for Mitsubishi Racing, and the newness comes in the form of the 276-hp versions in sedan and wagon varients for the Japanese market. Anyway, the Evo X is on the way, so these will be the last of the bunch fitted with the happy-go-lucky 4G63 2L DOHC intercooled turbo powerplant. They're available in both six-speed manual and five-speed autobox and get Mitsu's Active Yaw Control torque-transfer system regulated by the angle between the car's longitudinal axis and its line of travel (look it up). They're a last hurrah of sorts before the X comes out, so give 'em a salute, then move on.

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