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The new Honda Civic you might actually want

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Consumer Repors verified our initial negative reaction, refusing to recommend the 2012 Honda Civic. But there's one missing caveat: everyone means the U.S.-Spec Honda Civic. The European-Spec Civic is something many can get behind.


The world of Civic is in a bit of flux at this moment. In Japan, the Civic was dropped for the Fit. In America it's been on a steady decline relative to the competition. But in good old Europe — where the history comes from — they've always had a vastly superior Civic.


As we discovered when we first tested the Euro Civic, that other Civic is everything the American version isn't: stylish, exciting, and diesel. Yep, that little diesel engine netted us 72.4 mpg while hypermiling.

Illustration for article titled The new Honda Civic you might actually want

The same turbodiesel mill still does the work in the redesigned Civic (seen here in camo), pumping out 148 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque yet still producing a Civic Hybrid-embarrassing 57 mpg.

Oh, and it probably won't look like a watered-down version of its previous generation.

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I've Driven one of those at 210KPH on the Autobahn on my last trip to Europe in March. It was a fun car to drive around town and on normal roads however past approximately 190KPH the car felt too light on the road and didn't have the solid road feel which I have experienced in some of the German cars that I have driven there before. Perhaps the suspension is a bit too soft, or maybe that the Japanese simply have no need to build economy cars that have a solid road feel at over 200KPH.