The New F-150 Is Not So Tough If You Drive Through Lava

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Sure, all that aluminum is a big deal for the new F-150, with the massive weight savings and all that. The previous F-150 just used aluminum in the wheels and hood, while this new one uses it for the frame, body, and anywhere they could. So what does that mean if you drive through lava?


Not good things. See, steel has a melting temperature between 2600°F and 2800°F, while aluminum melts at a much cooler 1220°F. Many types of lava flows can reach temperatures of over 1750°F, no problem for steel, while causing aluminum frames to turn into glimmering custard.

Even if we assume most lava-drivers have equipped their trucks with special high-temperature steel lava-tolerant wheels with carbon-compound non-meltable tires, there's no way to sugarcoat the truth: the new F-150 will melt into slag.

So, lava-drivers, you'll want to stick with your old F-150s, or research the competing full-size steel truck options. Sure, you'll be giving up fuel economy, but that's a small price to pay for not melting into a bubbling truck/lava/you chili.

Ball's in your court, Ford. Are you abandoning hardworking, lava-driving Americans?


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So long as you stay on the furniture and don't touch the lava you'll be fine.