What's The Best Car For A Tall Person?

At 5'9," I have never had to worry about not fitting in a car. A Miata? No problem. A 1960s Alfa Romeo? Please. A caged Porsche 911? Let me just hop right in there. So that makes me more than a little spoiled.

Jalopnik got an email a while back from tall reader crispyjones and, average-sized asshole that I am, I feel compelled to help this guy.

My son is 6'6" and nearly 260lbs and needs a car soon. His head touches the roof of my Cherokee and he has to drive our Santa Fe like he's in the lotus position. Searching Jalopnik I find at least three "worst car(s) for big people" articles, but nothing about what is most suitable.


So what car best fits the tall people you know?

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the New Beetle. I have friends back home that are 6'4 and 6'6 and that is all they drive. TDI's with no sunroof. Model loyalists. I havent heard their take on the new new beetle though. Maybe all the old Wilt Chamberlain ads rubbed off