There's going to be another round of BMW Films and that's fantastic. In an age where 30-second car ads are rather polished, can you envision how great BMW could make these new films?

But those BMW Films came out before BMW stuck its badge on things like the 2-Series Active Tourer, coincidently revealed just yesterday. What kind of fun are short films featuring a BMW compact minivan going to be?

We don't have to imagine, thanks to Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!:

Unfortunately, it will feature a mom getting her kids to soccer practice in a BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. She will not be paying attention to the road as she talks on her phone, this will lead to "exciting" moments where she narrowly avoids hitting the person who she just cut off as she swerves down the road.

It goes on. Here's a bunch I pulled out from the exceptional Kinja-ing from everyone who participated:

Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!:

Episode 5: Will they get to Johnny's football game on time to tailgate in their X5?

Automatch Tom:

Episode 6...can the X1 really fit into the compact parking spot in the mega-mall garage?

Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!:

Episode 7: "So, just how much of this is covered by the warranty?"


Episode 8: Reveal Clive Owen at a party explaining how BMW has not indeed lost their way, and how they do still make fun cars!

Arch Duke Maxyenko, The Great!:

Episode 9: The Lease Is Up.

Automatch Tom:

LOL! What will we do??? Trade for another 3 series...or go to an SUV...hey what are those "i" things. SO MANY DECISIONS!

For Sweden:

Episode 18: Put the golf clubs in the trunk like the diagram shows: the Z4 story.


Episode 19: iDriving Miss Daisy


Episode 20: Clive's teenage daughter asks for a 435 Gran Coupe for her sweet 16. He buys her a 328i because it's cheaper. His daughter can't tell the difference. /scene

My idea for a future installment: Clive uses daughter's 328i for the day. Hates the stop-start system and goes to turn it off. He hits the ignition button by mistake and disaster ensues.

Photo: BMW