The NASCAR experience summed up in one gross photo

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Most people who hate NASCAR have never been to a NASCAR race, so when they see this photo of a dehydrated woman vomiting on herself they see: defeat, sadness, alcoholism. The rest of us know better. This was a successful outing.

The photo was posted on reddit by user thefuture121, who claims this was "the first thing I saw when I went to a NASCAR race this summer."

Sounds about right. The party starts early at NASCAR events and continues until you either pass out or vomit on yourself. The race is often more of a distraction from the task of downing Bud Lights until the ghost of Dale Earnhardt lifts you up and carries you to the nearest trash can.


And when you do throw up there's going to be a fellow NASCAR enthusiast around to pick you up out of the pool of your own Perky Jerky-flavored sick and hand you a Gatorade. Because NASCAR people are good people.

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So, I'm confused about the NASCAR hate on here.

It it because they're purpose built race cars? Because they race on ovals? Because it isn't eliteist enough (F1)? Because fans tend to be rednecks? Because it's American?

I don't think I've ever heard a clear reason for hating NASCAR.