The Mystery Of The Jeep Pickup Truck Prototypes Solved: They're Being Sold To Egypt, Israel...Or Somewhere Not Here

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We were wondering where those Jeep pickup prototypes we showed you earlier were going and now, we've got an answer from spy photographer of the star-cars, Brenda Priddy. OK, it's actually from Phil Howell of Off-Road magazine, who she's quoting, but anyway here's the deal:

"The Jeep you see here is one of the units built to sell (hopefully) to the Egyptian military. As you can see, the rear doors are welded shut and, on the inside load floor, there's a pickup-style steel bed. It's powered by a diesel, has rear leaf springs and a rear Dana 60.

I understand that, while there are a number of these built, the deal hasn't been made yet with Egypt (or Israel, etc.). There are no plans to offer this in North America." Phil Howell, Off-Road Magazine


So basically, we're building them over here so we can fight them over there or something? That's so very sad.


Didn't we solve this mystery, like, months ago? It was winter, the thing had a CRD badge on the back, etc... Somebody even posted a link to a TJ-based Egyptian military transport as proof of precident.