Canadian National Hero Takes A Zamboni Through A Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

GIf via Jesse Myshak

Jesse Myshak, a Albertan who stares cold in the face and hockey-sticks it in the balls, opted to drive his Zamboni home to his backyard ice rink from his shop where he’d been fixing it up, per CBC. Naturally, he decided he wanted one of Canada’s great pleasures on the way: a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons.

The Zamboni itself is a masterpiece of Canadian-ness, featuring a Edmonton Oilers hockey/Bar Down sports site livery. Unfortunately, in order for him to use it to resurface the ice on his own personal “Bar Down Arena,” he’d have to get it home.


Fortunately, home was close enough that Myshak told CBC that he’d just drive it there:

I figured I’d just drive it home... Guys at work were kind of laughing after I was driving home, [they said] to drive through Timmies and get a coffee.

The Zamboni was the slowest moving vehicle on the streets of Stony Plain, Alberta, which is amusing enough. Then Myshak took his coworkers’ advice and decided to go full Canadian with a trip through Tim Hortons’ drive-thru:


Best of all, the Zamboni was the perfect height to reach hot chocolate out of Tim Hortons’ window. Clearly, the Zamboni was designed with this in mind, and all of you Zamboni owners out there should go for a run to buy me some Timbits.


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carter [road salt disliker]

The most Canadian part of this is that he has a rink in his back yard large enough to need its own Zamboni.