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The Morgan Aero Coupe Is Pure Automotive Theater

If I could describe the Morgan Aero Coupe in one word, it would be "drama." It's huge, it's bold, it's powerful, it's involving to drive, and it's as far from dull and boring as a car can possibly get.


Our pals at XCAR take Morgan's latest piece of art on wheels on a night drive through London, and boy, is it something to behold. This has to be one of the most special cars on earth.

So what if it's got a rough interior, and it can't match the performance of a Porsche or an Aston Martin? That's not what Morgan is about. I'll let Alex Goy sum it up best:


"It's taken inspiration from the time when an automocar was something that announced its owner's arrival, rather than an anonymous box designed to ferry disinterested commuters to jobs they despise."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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I have always loved, and will always love this car. I saw it once and was literally stopped in my tracks for minutes.

I feel like it's a throwback to when cars were art and not designed to save money, save people, save the environment, and save everything but beauty.