The Model T Office

Hyderabad's most talented custom car builder, Sudhakar, just built himself a new office — inside a 1908 Ford Model T.

Sudhakar is the proprietor of a museum filled with his creations called SudhaCars.


Sudhakar created the office from a Model T he picked up at a junkyard, the same place he found supplies for the rest of his creations. Since the car didn't have an engine, he converted the engine bay into a file cabinet.

You may remember Sudhakar from such customs as The Snooker Table Car and the Condom Bike.

"It is like a regular office only but I am working sitting inside a car. This is not a movable one. For once, I have made a stationery vehicle," the evil genious told India's NDTV. [via NDTV]

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