The MKIV Toyota Supra Was New Again For One Glorious Day This Year

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Photo: Gabriel M. Ronquillo

For a brief moment in time just recently, a perfectly preserved billboard for the MKIV Toyota Supra–an icon of millennial car nostalgia and ’90sness in general–shone gloriously for all to see. It was The Best.

Gabriel Ronquillo, Digital Marketing Manager at San Francisco Toyota, saw this weird rip in the space-time continuum as the present-day billboard messaging was being changed and dropped it into the RADwood Facebook Group. He was also kind enough to share his highway sighting picture with us here.

“By the evening commute, it was gone,” Ronquillo told us over email.

If you saw this in person, you will probably be blessed with good luck by the same gods prayed to in the barbeque scene of the first Fast And Furious movie.


The rest of us will just have to appreciate the beauty of the MKIV Supra’s profile, simple-smooth wheels, and delightfully dated Sears-family-portrait background the car’s shot against here vicariously through this picture.

It feels weird to want to take a billboard home and keep it in my backyard. And yet...

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Is the Supra really a Millennial nostalgia icon?

None of us were old enough to drive one new, and it came out before some Millennials were even born. Seems like much more of a Gen X vibe to me.