The Mitsubishi Shogun SWB Is The Type Of SUV That's Extinct In America

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Mitsubishi UK has issued a press release announcing their new top-of-the-range short-wheelbase Montero called the Barbarian, making us realize once again how Mitsubishi's lineup only sucks in America.

Mitsubishi's media sites are pretty terrible, but their Japanese site confirms that the SWB Pajero/Shogun/Montero is indeed still in production despite them hiding it well. Too bad they won't sell it in the US.


In the UK, the Barbarian sits above the Warrior, starting at $54k with a five-speed manual or almost $58k for the automatic version. It comes with 20'' alloys, leather seats with carbon (ha-ha) inserts, digital radio, a color coded spare wheel cover and aluminum pedals. Color options include black, white, silver and darker silver.

It also has a giant, 3.2 liter four-cylinder direct-injection diesel engine and proper locking differentials. But that's not the point here.

What matters is that these things sell. Year-on-year sales on the SWB are up 150% in the United Kingdom. The segment seems to be hot in Brazil too, with a new Troller "coupe SUV" in the pipeline from Ford. Now, how would you like a compact, agile, comfortable yet capable SUV, America?


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