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The Mini Cooper S Convertible Is For When You Don't Care What The Haters Think

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s a new Mini Cooper S, and so it goes there must be a new Cooper S Convertible. That’s great and all... if you want to compromise the Cooper’s looks and capability to enhance your “lifestyle” and make those dumb Instagram montages of how great your life is. Because you don’t care what other people think of you.


Carfection takes a sobering look at the supposed spirit and fun that Mini tries to sell with the Cooper S Convertible, and questions it in the context of reality.

The argument against the Mini Cooper S is that it’s an “easy-mode” sports car meant for those who select a vehicle based on what would look best on the wall of their social media accounts and help build their personal brand, and perhaps not on what has the cleanest lines or most practical daily use.

If you’re willing to adjust your life around your car, some of which involves a good driving experience with the openness of a drop-top, then the Cooper S Convertible is probably perfect for you. You just probably also happen to film montages of your weekend with an overdose of bright Instagram filters set to a playlist curated by Patrick George.


And that’s okay.

We recently sent our tame racing driver Robb Holland to drive one of these things too; expect his full review this week.