Back when Mini first launched the Clubman, we heard it would have five doors. Unfortunately, they put two in the back for the cargo area and a relatively useless rear-hinged one on the passenger's side. Thankfully for the new Clubman based on the 2014 Mini, they've reconsidered.

Since there was going to be a four-door Mini Cooper anyway, they've given the Clubman four real doors, but stuck with the double doors in the back in this thinly veiled concept. For a small wagon, it doesn't look half bad. That said, it's still less attractive than smaller Minis.


Mini says the new Clubman, despite the grown-up doors in the rear, is just 26 centimeters longer than the outgoing car. At less than 14 feet long, though, it's still about a foot longer than the smallest Mini. (Yes, that makes it a couple inches longer than a Countryman. It's still about four inches shorter, though.)

The other big news for Mini is the "AirBreather," which has nothing to do with mammals as far as I can tell, but is an aerodynamic trick in the design of the car's side.


The concept does get some lunacy inside, though, with a colorful interior and different console than the new hatchback. Part of this has something to do with Mini promoting the "higher-end quality" of the Clubman, rather than simply making it more spacious. Expect this to affect the list of options and packages – and prices.

The Clubman Concept will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, and a production version should follow shortly.

Photos: Mini