The Mercedes CLK GTR Is Incredibly Absurd And Gorgeous In Paris

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One of the best things about Le Mans-style endurance racing of years past was the homologation requirement. Specifically, under the (lightly followed) rules, at least 25 road-going versions of your race car had to be made. And what made for great race cars often made for ridiculous – and beautiful – road cars.

Just look at this Mercedes CLK GTR. Just look at it. All too wide and too long and too wonky for city streets and none of it works, but still, it's there, and it's wonderful. It's as absurd and magnificent as seeing Johnny Weir try to skate down a French cobblestone street, and it still works for me.


Its transmission whines, its turning circle is clearly wider than the sun, and yet here I am, in love.

And my love's name is Mercedes.