It’s got the looks, it’s got the power, it’s got the sound and it’s got something more as well, says XCAR. The Mercedes-AMG GT might also have a rather stupid name, but I’m sure we could all live with that.


The SLS AMG was certainly a crazy beast, yet the AMG GT turned out to be a smaller and cheaper sports car. While Mercedes might be working on a V12 hybrid hypercar, in the meantime, they also came up with a very loud two-seater that can compete with the all-around sports car champion Porsche 911.

The AMG GT S is also very different in every way than a 911 Turbo despite packing similar power, and that can be very appealing to those who prefer a bit of theatre over perfection.


You just have to remember where the loud button is and smile about the fact that the same engine is coming to an Aston Martin near you soon as well...

In which color? I feel like that’s the only relevant question here.

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