The McLaren P1 Has An All Digital Dash And Sounds Incredible

When McLaren revealed the P1 at the Paris Motor Show last year, they didn't tell us anything at all about the interior of the car.


The P1 will be fully revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in a few weeks, and McLaren has decided it's time to get our first glance inside.

Ok, so we don't really see the seats. Or the wheel. Or the gearshift. Or much of anything. But we do get a glimpse at the all digital gauges.

McLaren only shows off two possible displays for the car in the video, and both of them seem rather simplistic. I do like the clean look of the gauges but am curious as to why there isn't more data on the screen. I'm sure we'll find out the full story when the car gets its full unveil in the next few weeks.

Oh, and if you were doubting that the P1 would sound incredible, just watch this vid. This thing is ridiculous.

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