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The McLaren F1 GTR Kicked Le Mans' Arse

We've yet to see the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, but the company recalls the seven, badass F1 GTRs that ran in the 1995 LeMans 24hr, and the one that won. Macca lovers, grab a very small bag of popcorn and watch.


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I actually just had a chance this morning to see two Mclaren F1's, one of them was the first roadcar version ever built. I only poked that one, so I could say I touched it, but I was allowed to actually sit in the other one. A good ending to the year, I guess.

I used to be all "meh" about the F1 because I knew I would never see one in my life.

I think I have now become it's biggest fan.

I approve of this video.