Here’s McLaren’s newest GT3 race car: the McLaren 720S GT3. It looks incredible—which is not a tough feat considering the car it’s based on already breathtaking.

Now, these two renderings we have today are just sketches of what we can expect... but, come on. I’m pretty sure that’s what the car will look like once McLaren finishes building it at its new facility in Woking, England.

The 720S GT will replace the 650S GT3, which launched in 2014, and will debut with customer teams in the 2019 season. McLaren says that the car will be “fully compliant” with GT3 regulations and will be able to compete in all GT3-series races.


McLaren will race-prep the 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 found in the road-going car and mate it with a six-speed, sequential shift racing transmission. Obviously, the car will also use the MonoCage II carbon fiber monocoque that makes them so unique. Specialized aero bits and suspension components will further set it apart from a normal 720S.


Does it come with Drift Mode?