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The McLaren 675LT Spider Doesn't Do Big Friendly Hugs

The demand for the limited production run of 500 McLaren 675LTs was so great the company made 500 more Spider variants to make up for it. This is good, because the McLaren 675LT Spider isn’t here to cater to your feelings. It’s here to be driven hard.


The friendly “chaps” at Carfection were lucky enough to steal a few days with the new 675LT Spider and explore just how insane it really can become.

If the “Long Tail” looks, heavy dosage of carbon fiber bodywork and overall insane styling don’t convince you the 675LT Spider is more of a race car than a daily driver, the screaming exhaust will tell you this car doesn’t do big friendly hugs.


Some cool details include the one inch size difference between the front and rear wheels, the air conditioning as a no-cost option for weight savings if you so choose, and the fact that the carbon fiber tub is so strong McLaren didn’t have to adjust it when they removed the roof.

And it’s all the better for it.

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I think Alissa Walker should test drive it.