The Mark II MR2 Is A Toyota To Wish For

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The original MR2 is a nice classic, but if you want something that's equally rare, better looking, faster and more usable on a daily bases, this is the Toyota you're after.


I was looking at mk2 MR2 prices back when I was living in London. The UK has quite a few of them. The problem with these cars is the same as with all good handling Japanese machines:mMindless tuning, abuse and unqualified mechanics. Those cut their numbers.

The few remaining in stock condition are prized processions. They don't want to look more than what they are. Think of the MR2 as a Fiero done right. And while the mark 2's shape might have felt a bit dated a few years back, it has matured into a proper classic, one we can all wish for.

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This is yet another great car that is practically impossible to find in stock form.

Has there been a QotD for "What great used performance car is nearly impossible to find in stock condition today?" If not there should be.