The Many Moods Of A Jalopnik Editor: Was Wert High On CNBC?

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It's been a while since last we did our famous Faces of Death "Many Moods of a Jalopnik Editor" post. Mind you, it's not from lack of trying — rather, we just wanted to make sure we had an opportunity to make fun of our editorial staff with all the vivid color and gallery toolsets you've come to not expect from us, but we now find ourselves able to deliver to you — you see, here at Jalopnik we think you deserve better than a half-assed attempt at wit — but unfortunately, that's all we've got to give. So, in commemoration of yet another fine example of the official merger of cars and drinking games — except minus the nasty driving thing — we've put together another gallery of our fearless motown man's many moods, inside voices, and any mockery we could come up with from last night's CNBC spectacle of punditry. You'll find all this in the gallery below, so check it out while we finish sobering up.


[The Many Moods Of A Jalopnik Editior Gallery]

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Thats not nice. Funny, but not nice.