Behold the New Red, the first prototype of the electric Manx V buggy that, if everything goes well, can be driven on public roads at speeds up to 25 mph. So, just fast enough to get you from your cabana to the beach.

The original Manx, the Old Red, was the first fiberglass dune buggy built by Bruce F. Meyers in Newport Beach, CA. Only twelve were built before Meyers switched to a shortened Beetle chassis and Chevy's truck suspension. The company ceased operations in 1971, but the idea of the Manx was carried on by countless outfitters.

In 1999, Bruce and Winnie Meyers reopened the fiberglass kit car company to build everything from 2+2s to Subaru-powered sand masters, and their latest model is an electric one to go with the times.

Built using Nevada-based Rev-TEC's powertrain and designed to be just as fun as the previous Manx buggies, if it passes Federal and State regulations, the Manx V will fit the category of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles, allowing it to be driven on public roads at no more than 25 mph.



Although they haven't disclosed the buggy's range so far, if it'll work anywhere, it's in sunny California.