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Dickhead Bikers Shut Down Capital Beltway For Stunts

Look, I’m a fan of wheelies as much as the next guy. Hell, I even went to a wheelie school last week so I could write about it and tell you how to be wheelie awesome. But if we want people to stop hating us motorcyclists, we need to knock this shit off.


Watching this video stresses me out. Shot on the Washington D.C. area’s busy Capital Beltway, it shows riders lining both sides of the freeway as they stop traffic to pull some super sick stunts.


The video, which made its way onto the Washington Post’s site (again, really helpful here guys), and they reported that the Maryland State Police dispatch officer on duty said they got “thousands” of calls reporting the incident and they estimate there were over 200 riders involved.

Congrats on the great wheelies and burnouts, guys; you’re ready for Nitro Circus. Thanks for making the rest of us look like absolute fuckwits. I can’t imagine why people don’t want to support lanesplitting or why they have such a bad view of motorcyclists.

Go fuck yourselves.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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Tom McParland

Bikers also need to stop parking in the lines for handicap spots. I must have seen a half dozen bikes in those spots when I was out shopping this holiday season. There is no reason for this bullshit.