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The Lincoln Motor Company might debut an Escape-based crossover dubbed MKC in Detroit. Hope it isn't on fire...


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Ash78, voting early and often

Is this really what Lincoln wants to do as part of its upmarket reinvention?

Ensconced in perforated leatherette, the tinny, adequate power of the 1.6 Ecoboost engine urges your right foot deeper towards the floor. Your workday disappears very slowly behind you as MyLincolnTouch responds erratically to your voice commands. The soothing sounds of James Taylor, no wait, what the fuck, that's Taylor Swift. I said JAMES TAYLOR fills your aural senses while you wait in line 12 blocks from your onramp. Your wife is at home, putting on that new cocktail dress she found at TJ Maxx today, as your mind begins to wander to the night ahead: The $2 well drinks at Flippers, the college basketball game on their 37" LCD, the awkward booty dancing in front of people half your age. But none of that matters now because you have a Lincoln. And it was affordable.