​The LF-SA Is Lexus' Freakish Answer To Mini

The first photos of the Lexus LF-SA concept have leaked ahead of its official reveal in Geneva, and if you're wondering what the hell it is, think Mini, but chockfull of nutty Japanese flavor.


Lexus hasn't provide anything in the way of details about the pissed-off little 3-door beyond a teaser and some talk of "unexpected territories for the brand".

Early reports indicate something that's aimed to compete with the Audi A1 and Citroën DS3 in Europe, slotting below the long-in-the-tooth CT200h and based on one of Toyota's sub-compact platforms.


As far as recent Lexus concepts go, it might be one of the first where the "spindle" grille actually works with the body and proportions. Still... gah.

Expect all the details next week from Geneva.

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