The Lexus LF-Lc Is Still A Tease

Illustration for article titled The Lexus LF-Lc Is Still A Tease

Lexus brought the LF-Lc concept to Geneva and it's still the most gorgeous two-door Lexus has ever built. So of course Lexus is never going to build it.


And you know what? That makes us sad.

Lexus shouldn't be stuck with a bunch of forgetful sedans for people too snobby to buy a Toyota and an unattainable V10-powered demonstration of a carbon fiber loom.

Instead it should get to roam free with a sexy rear-drive coupe, like a knife-edged successor to the old SC400. It's not the early ‘90s anymore, Toyota is concerned more about emerging markets than the US, and this is as close as we'll ever get to the LF-Lc.

Photo Credit: (c) Guillaume P. Boppe / Flickr


The LFA is the most gorgeous 2-door Lexus has ever built. The LF-Lc is heavily derivative of that car, and for that reason the overall design isn't bad, but it's got too many fussy, ugly bits.

This illustration demonstrates my problem with a lot of current automotive design. Too many designs feature these busy little elements that detract from the overall look of the car. The Japanese seem to be particularly bad about this. I kind of miss the old school "boring" school of Japanese design.