The Leaked 2021 Bronco Two-Door Looks Pretty Much Perfect

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Image for article titled The Leaked 2021 Bronco Two-Door Looks Pretty Much Perfect

In today’s flurry of alleged Ford Bronco leaks, this image of what sure looks like a two-door 2021 Bronco is the most exciting to me. If this is the final design, which I’m reasonably confident it is, the thing’s pretty much perfect. Ford, don’t futz with that. OK, maybe add a light bar. But then stop.

I haven’t been able to track down the true origin of this image yet, but the watermark on this upload is from Ford-modding outfit Juggernaut Power. It looks like a real photograph rather than a render. A photograph apparently taken with a three-megapixel camera from 2004, but a photograph nevertheless.

That said, I believe what you’re seeing is a full-sized model, not a production vehicle because you should be able to see powertrain and suspension bits from this angle. However, the profile is exactly as short and square as a Bronco should be.


The little crease at the back end of the door window looks way cooler on this than it does on the supposed four-door leak we saw earlier, and I’m curious as to what those handle-looking things at the front of the hood are.

Also, the hardtop seems to have a cut behind the driver’s door, which hopefully means there’s a “targa” option to remove just part of the roof.


I was hoping for something like a restomod of the first-gen Bronco, along with everybody else I think, and if this is the new Bronco’s final form we might actually fish our wish!