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The Last Drag Race at Lions

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The other day, we were IM'ing with faithful commenter Punkey (a man who knows his business better than we did when were his age, for sure), talking about various tracks in California. He's a SoCal boy, so we said, "Well, you had one of the fastest dragstrips in the nation right in your own backyard."


"What was that?"


He'd never heard of it. Lions, however, is a place of legend, probably most famous as the strip where Don Garlits blew half his foot off due to a clutch explosion and decided that a rear-engined dragster was the way to go. It's as much a part of harbor-area lore as Snoop, Jesse James, Sublime, Live After Death, the Minutemen and that huge earthquake back in '32. Carl Olson, who won the last race ever at the storied track, recalls the hairiness of the final blast down the strip. You will feel less manly after reading it. [Thanks to Cole for the tip.]


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Dude. "IM'ing" is totally not cool.

That experience does make me feel a bit less manly. I am going 1/4 mile racing on Sunday for the first time in my life though, so I hope to feel manly when I pedal the Impreza down the track as hard as I can.